5 tips for selling your used car

April 19 2018

There's a reason that a good number of people opt to sell their cars privately: You'll probably get more money for your vehicle. However, this requires more work than trading it in. Selling to a private party means all the prep and advertising work is up to you. Here are five ways to make the process a little easier.


1. Set a reasonable price. Use price guides like Kelley Blue Book to help determine your car's actual value. Likewise, do market research. Some car models consistently sell over or under blue book value. Set your starting price slightly high to leave room for negotiation, especially if your car is in good shape.    


2. Clean it. Before showing your car or taking photographs, wash it, wax it and clean out the interior. Your car will look better in photos and attract more potential buyers.


3. Don't skimp on the photos. Potential buyers want high-quality exterior photos taken from every angle: front and back, door panels and even the trunk -- and don't forget the interior. 


4. Make the most of online advertising. List free locally on Craigslist, try Facebook's marketplace or consider advertising with Autotrader. Whatever you decide, include as much information as possible -- asking price, mileage, condition -- anything you'd want to know if you were the buyer.


5. Be prepared to show the car. Have all of the necessary paperwork on hand to answer questions and to (hopefully) sell the car, including the title, bill of sale, maintenance history and warranty information. When scheduling viewing appointments, leave plenty of time for test drives.


With the right preparation, you're sure to sell your car -- likely rather quickly, thanks to the internet. All it takes is a little planning, an honest sales pitch and realistic expectations. Good luck! 


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